Mercedes 2000 - 2016 R171,R172, W203 S / W211 , W215 , W219 Front Camber/Caster kit

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2000 - 2016 R171,R172, W203 S / W211 , W215 , W219 Front Camber/Caster kit

K-MAC have the experience of designing, manufacturing bushes since 1964. So you get what you pay for – it shows with the unique patented design bushings having twice the load bearing area and allowing ‘2 axis’/self-align movement without the use of OEM air voids. Result is improved traction under braking and steering response. Precisely adjustable Camber, Caster and feature single wrench adjustment – accurately (under load) direct on alignment rack. Revolutionizing the industry (no more need for labor intensive disassembly each time to re-position adjustment settings). The Caster bushes resolve steering pull and allow increased positive Caster for improved high speed directional control, quicker turn in and with reduced dive/lift under brake and acceleration. Camber adjustable bushes resolve costly premature edge tire wear and improve traction with tires having more “grip/contact area”. Track days being able to increase negative Camber (and track width) to reduce understeer, allowing to go deeper into the corners with improved traction, braking and cornering response. Along with improved ability to hit those corner apexes every time in the pursuit of pole setting lap times on race day! Bush extraction and insertion tubes supplied.